We have arrived in Paris!

This morning Dan and I woke up at the crack of backpacker’s dawn (so around 6am) to catch a train to Paris. We took the Eurostar and I would highly recommend it! It only takes two hours and fifteen minutes and involves no planes or airports! My kind of travel. We booked the train tickets months in advance so we got a great rate. Here I am looking exhausted but excited to go to Paris.

Molly and the Eurostar

Molly and the Eurostar

And now we are in Paris! Everything is always awesome in Paris. But to make it extra exciting, look at our view:

The view from our apartment window

The view from our apartment window. Click on the picture to see the details.

That is the garden of the Palais-Royal. Yes, the size of our “apartment” rivals the infamous pod, but who cares! We are in the heart of Paris and everything is fantastic!

More to come soon now that we have reliable internet.

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