This is the End. And the Beginning.

We are sitting in our last airport of the trip waiting for our flight. Our last plane ride for the foreseeable future. And of course, because we are heading home to New York in the middle of the coldest winter in recent history, we are delayed by weather. Possibly our first flight delay on our whole 6 month trip. Weird.

And weird is exactly how I feel about it. Being so extremely happy and sad at the same time is strange. I know that a few hours from now when we are descending into New York City I will be crying. New York is family to me. It is the place I was born and the place I have chosen to spend my life. It holds many of my dear family and friends.

But this trip has really changed a lot for me. I am so lucky now to get to say that I have wonderful friends all over the world, and I have seen so many beautiful and interesting places. Somehow, loving all of the destinations and people I have met makes me love New York even more. I’m hoping all of this travel experience leads to a few things. Post-trip resolutions, you could say:

  1. I hope that I appreciate and take advantage of all of the amazing activities New York City has to offer, the way I made sure to take advantage of all of the interesting places and events in all of the cities we visited around the world.
  2. I hope – and plan to – keep in touch with all of the wonderful people I met around the world. Having friends around the world makes the world seem smaller and kinder. I also feel much more in tune with what is happening outside of my American bubble now.
  3. Along those lines, I hope to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family. Yes, we did miss them while we were gone, but more than that we want to make sure they all know how much we appreciate them! Good friends are precious and I want my friends to know that they are precious to me.
  4. I plan to share with everyone how doable long term travel is. It involves sacrifices, but if you want to travel and see the world, they are sacrifices worth making! This is especially true for vegan travelers.
  5. Lastly, I plan to be happy. It sounds a bit dumb, and the cynical New Yorker in me is cringing a bit, but I came to understand while on this trip that happiness is a choice. There are many things that make being happy easier – surrounding yourself with happy people, loving what you do, letting things slide off your back more easily – and I plan to try and do the things that make me happy. The cynical New Yorker in me says to remember this one when someone is holding the subway door making me late to somewhere!

So those are my post-trip resolutions. I think many of them can convert to anyone living anywhere. Even if you haven’t traveled. We tend to take for granted what we have around us, but there is always something new to see and explore in your own backyard. So have an adventure at home, if an adventure far away is out of reach right now. And keep an eye out here as we will continue to share travel stories and tips for the foreseeable future. I think 6 months of travel gave us enough fodder to fill the gap until our next big adventure. But we also promise New York City sights (and vegan food!) along the way, as I want to share what makes my city so special as well.

Okay, time to board. Talk to you all on the flipside!

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4 Responses to This is the End. And the Beginning.

  1. Abby Bean says:

    So glad you’ll continue your hop ;-)

  2. Emily says:

    Long term travel is definitely doable! I think a lot of people make excuses for that and also for your fifth point – to be happy. We really are the writers to our own life and so should make the most of it!

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