Everything is not okay all the time

Reichstag building, Berlin

You should always give bad news with a pretty picture: Reichstag building, Berlin

So, obviously on this blog we try to highlight awesome things we have seen, done, and eaten however this is a misrepresentation of long term travel. I’m here to tell you the truth.

Sometimes everything freaking sucks. A lot. Your 5-hour train ride is so full that you have to sit on the floor by the bathroom. You have a week transit pass and on your last day on your way to the train outta there a transit cop stops you and says your transit ticket expired yesterday. Here is your 40 Euro fine! That sight you wanted to see? Yeah, today is the one day of the week it is closed. In fact, today is the one day of the week EVERY sight is closed. (All of these things happened to us in the last week.) Everything that can go wrong does. And it stinks. And you want to call it quits and go home to your comfortable bed where everyone speaks your language, you know all of the rules, and no one is yelling at you in German.

How do I convince myself to keep going in a situation like this? Well there are a few things that do it. One: Onward travel. We have lots of onward travel already booked. Money spent months into the future that we would be wasting if we went home now. And I hate waste. Two: Places to see. Berlin may have ended with the crappiest morning that I have had in a long time, but the next places we are going all excite me. I cannot wait to discover their secrets. And if I quit, I may never get to these places. Ever. Three: Pride. This may be the dumbest reason, but possibly the most powerful. I said I was going to travel for 6 months, so I will be traveling for 6 months. I may never get to do this again. A bad day/week isn’t a good reason to give up on this amazing experience. Plus people will talk! Just kidding. Who cares what other people think? This is about not letting myself down. I can do this and I wanted to do this so badly. I just have to think back to those reasons and move forward.

And just ignore that Berlin S-Bahn fine. Right?

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2 Responses to Everything is not okay all the time

  1. Abby Bean says:

    Keep your head up! I’d say with no muggings or lost luggage you’re doing ok.

    • MollyG says:

      Abby, I totally agree. Travel, like all of life, is full of ups and downs. That particular morning wasn’t great, but we have had a bunch of good ones since! I am trying (TRYING!) to be a glass half full kind of girl. Writing the post about the bad times actually helped!

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