What does 97 square feet of space look like?

The Pod Works Hotel in Liverpool would like to ask you a question: What would you do with about 97 square feet of space? Please see below.

Podworks Hotel

Pod Works Hotel “Pod” – More interior space than than most American cars. Bathroom located just to the right of this picture.

The answer is probably sleep and not much else. Since the “pods” do not actually have windows, you will be waiting an awfully long time if you are the kind of sleeper who relies on the sun to wake you up. An exceedingly comfortable bed does not help matters. Pro tip: You may want to go ahead and set that alarm if you want to go and see the historical sights.

The Pod Works Hotel is an interesting lodging destination that forces you to re-evaluate how much space you really need. So, what do you get when you combine the following?

  1. An awesome, yet underground, downtown location
  2. Adorable dollhouse-sized rooms with comfortable beds
  3. About a $50.00 per night price tag on most days

Probably an awesome, affordable hotel in Liverpool and a great night’s sleep. I hope, after reading this, everyone is better able to appreciate their space and current living conditions! I’m looking at you, Manhattan studio-apartment renters.

There are still some kinks that The Pod Works Hotel needs to work out such as no Wi-Fi in the rooms and only a sporadic connection in the lobby. Also, there are only about 25 channels but half of them seem to be BBC variants or other news programs. Raise your hand if you knew there was a “BBC 4″ channel that only starts broadcasting at about 7PM every evening? Still, the Pod Works worked perfectly for us as a place to rest our weary heads at the end of the day, for a price we could afford.

Has anyone ever stayed in a room smaller than the one pictured above? If so, please leave a comment!

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  1. Pip says:

    Where would my box go?

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